World Cancer Day – Let’s Finish This Thing!

Ok, kids. So today’s the day. Not only the end of my 100 Donations in 100 Hours campaign, but World Cancer Day. The goal of today is to increase awareness, debunk some myths about cancer, and, of course, raise funds. If you’ve forgotten, a really easy way you can help is to ‘Purple Your Profile‘ through Chevy to have them donate $1 to the American Cancer Society (you may have trouble doing this from a mobile device, FYI). If you’ve ever changed your profile picture for any cause you believe in, and if you don’t have any money of your own to spare, this should be a no brainer!

I’m doing my part to spread the word about World Cancer Day by sporting my bright purple wig (compliments of the lovely Vicky, who was with me the first time I had a confirmation of the cancer) to our quarterly RE/MAX brokerage meeting. And I even got Donation #77 because I wore it (followed immediately by Donation #78 online)! So please, do the easy thing by purpling your profile. We are such visual creatures, and a flood of purple on your social media feeds could do more good than you think. I had a friend from high school who donated over the weekend who put it this way – “It’s easy for me to feel like one person can’t make much of a difference, or that one small act won’t be significant…but there was proof of the opposite! Humanity can accomplish something if we come together!”


So, what can you do for World Cancer Day?

Here’s my take on it.

There are many more cancers in this world than simply a collection of diseases that feature an uncontrollable growth of cells. We’re very lucky here in the U.S. For many of us, cancer may be the worst thing we have to face. Many Americans will never know hunger, or fear for their lives in the middle of a war zone, or be subjected to inhumane conditions at the hands of another. Physical cancers are one of the last hurdles in the first world, and we chase down cures out of greed and selfishness to keep ourselves and our children safe.

But there are many more evils that we should be fighting as well. There are cancers of the mind, cancers in our society, cancers around the world of economic plight and health crises and bigotry and ecological destruction and greed and every bad thing that we as humans can do to ourselves. As I’ve said before, while the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is an important cause to me personally, I don’t want you to donate to LLS and my cause if you think your money will do more good somewhere else. But I do want you, regardless of your financial ability, to go out and help the world be a better place!

So take today to evaluate what small thing you can do to help the world. Can you shovel your elderly neighbor’s driveway the next time it snows? Can you drive a local person with health challenges to a doctor’s appointment? Can you volunteer to clean up your community, or tutor kids in need, or door-knock for an organization you believe in? Can you donate the cost of one latte, one movie ticket, one meal out, or one unnecessary self-indulgence to the greater good? Our actions, small as they might be in the moment can accumulate and grow and change the world, as daunting as all its problems may be. And when you decide what action, however small, you want to take – tell me! Comment or message me on Facebook, email me directly (, and spread your message!

I have a goal of 22 more donors to reach 100 Donations in 100 Hours. 22 is my birthday date. It’s an auspicious number for me, and I think that there are 22 of you out there who may have been waiting for the 11th hour. It’s 11:45. If you’d like to help me reach my goal, you have until 3:30. If you live in the U.S., and you’re working in a corporate environment, ask if they’d do a company match for LLS. If you donate at 3:45, or 9:30, or tomorrow, or next week, or any time before the race on April 27th, you’ll still have my heart-felt thanks.

We can change the world. Come on. Let’s finish this.


Upping the Ante

So, you all have done it again. You’ve blown right past $3,800 that I had said would be the new goal. How? A lot of you donated, and many of you donated very generously! One of you was able to bring in several hundred dollars through a company matching program even! I’m still amazed. Really. Thank you 🙂


So…. $8000. That’s the new, ridiculously high goal. I don’t want to say $5800 or $6000 or $6800 just to have you over power that within the week! So let’s set the bar HIGH! And then, we’ll see how much we can do.