Spring is Coming

My dears, my darlings, my donors, my delights,

I find it so difficult to narrate, as it were, the day to day. I find it much easier to write something when I feel it’s an important piece of news, or a change, or if something is so pressing that I must write or drive myself mad…

So! Because I have been extremely busy, here’s my update in summary form (sorry, not much eloquence today)  –

1) Testing the Immune System

A few weeks ago, I got my first cold with the new immune system! It lasted at full strength for maybe a week and a half, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to fully shake it! I can still feel some gunk deep in my sinuses… But thank goodness it’s mostly over.

2) Falling off the Wagon

Due to illness and an event we held for home buyers on a Saturday morning, I missed training for 2 weeks in a row! And I may have been too busy/sick to go to the gym as well… One time, I even went, was sitting in the parking lot preparing to go inside, and the gods punished me by setting off the fire alarm. So not workouts for me.


I walked 8.37 miles today! My hips hurt horrendously. I am also extremely tired, since weekly trainings involve early wake up followed by high levels of exertion. My walking buddy, Cheryl, and I were awesome with breath, but her feet and my hips were in for it. I’m walking around like I’m 90… But I’m back to exercising regularly! And each new step makes it easier for the next time!

3) Going to Leukemia Ball!

So, you all have helped me turn into quite the impressive fundraiser! Apparently, I’m 3rd in the DC area and 22nd in USA for fundraising with Team in Training!!!

This is all due to you guys, and I’m so grateful that you’ve given so generously. I keep meeting people along the way who’ve lost people who are dear to them. Your donations have been invaluable towards improving our efforts to research new drugs and treatments. At the LLS Research Breakfast I went to this week, one of the organizers had been expected to die 10 years ago based on his diagnosis, but was a guinea pig for a drug that now is commonly used to put people in remission.

Anyway, some of you know that my anxiety flared up significantly going to that breakfast, but my buddy Brian took notes, and I plan to post more about the progress they’ve made in the past year.

I also spoke at our Honorary Teammate Breakfast a few weeks ago, and after sharing my story, I was asked to attend the Leukemia Ball this coming Saturday as a Patient Ambassador! It’s the largest, non-political black tie event in DC, and I’ll get to get all dressed up and get Dan in a tux and go thank people for donating.

Coincidentally, Saturday is also my birthday, and I couldn’t pass up a good opportunity to celebrate in such style… My dress is real pretty and all 😉

So, that’s my update! I need to gather up my things and go camp out for a snowed in work day tomorrow, but that will be good to be extra productive. Other than that, I’m still not done with House of Cards, I’ve been eating some challah from Costco this evening, and this will hopefully be the last snow of the season! C’mon, y’all, Spring is just around the corner!

And with Spring? The Nike Women’s Half Marathon!