The Timeline

Looking back on what was going down before you came to this wondrous blog…

1/15/14 – Patient Stone receives news that 3-month CT scan is clear

10/4/13 – Patient Stone is released from INOVA for good behavior high blood counts.

9/23/13 – Patient Stone receives her frozen stem cells after high-dose chemotherapy! RE-BIRTHDAY!!!

9/16/13 – Patient Stone enters INOVA Fairfax for Bone Marrow Transplant, expected stay 3+ weeks

8/1/13 – Patient Stone receives clean PET scan showing that ICE has worked and she may proceed to Bone Marrow Transplant.

7/12/13 – Patient Stone completes ICE after an initial PET indicates cancer is rapidly responding to treatment.

5/22/13 – Patient Stone has her first day of ICE chemo, a regimen involving 3 days of infusion, every third week.

2/27/13 – Patient Stone has PET scan to confirm what is suspected – lumps are positive for activity

2/25/13 – Patient Stone has routine 3-month follow up CT scan, reveals suspicious lumps

12/28/12 – Patient Stone has PET scan to confirm that there is No Evidence of Disease (NED) – REMISSION

12/2 – Patient Stone receives her last dose of ABVD

9/17? – Patient Stone has mid-chemo PET to confirm that the ABVD is doing it’s job. PET scan completely clear.

7/10 – Patient Stone sees Oncologist #2, Dr. Gregory Orloff of VCS. Patient Stone then spends her evening working on a slightly silly blog having way too much fun with widgets and graphics.

7/26 – Patient Stone begins chemotherapy treatment at Georgetown, participating in a clinical trial for Stage I/Stage II Non-Bulky Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

7/17 – Patient Stone sees Oncologist #3, Dr. David Heyer of Medical Oncology & Hematology of NoVA. After a lengthy decision process, Patient Stone chooses to proceed forward with Oncologist #1, Dr. Catherine Broome of Georgetown.

7/12 – Patient Stone, having arrived at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital, steps into the wonderful world of drugged slumberland, wakes up +1 Mediport, -1 large cancerous lump (the original perpetrator of this whole fiasco).

7/9 – Patient Stone consults with Dr. Richard Brenner, a colleague of Dr. Moynihan, who will be performing her excision biopsy on the 12th and implanting her Mediport for chemotherapy.

7/5 – With more cajoling from Valkyries to have appointments made as quickly as possible, in the morning, Patient Stone sees Oncologist #1, Dr. Catherine Broome of Georgetown. In the afternoon, Patient Stone undergoes her PET/CT Scan and proceeds to be RADIOACTIVE for the subsequent 6-8 hours (and shamefully attends the Nats/Giants game that evening, posing a minor public health risk, but it was totally worth it).

6/29 – Patient Stone, after learning she will need her chosen surgeon to refer her to an oncologist for further treatment, returns to Mary Z at Dr. Moynihan’s office to receive further instructions. After trying to schedule an oncological consult with 1/3 sought after oncologists, Patient Stone is told to schedule a PET/CT Scan and a full excision biopsy to give oncologists further information before ordering treatment.

6/27 – D Day Patient Stone sees Surgeon #3, Dr. Christine Teal, as scheduled, for a final opinion. Dr. Teal corroborates the strangeness of the masses, and says in a no-nonsense way ‘I think it’s lymphoma’. Patient Stone proceeds to panic slightly but proceeds to her scheduled biopsy, accompanied by a second Valkyrie. Pathologist performs FNA, stains tissue samples, disappears for approximately 2 minutes, and returns with a diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma.

6/25 – Patient Stone is awoken to hear that one of her Valkyries has worked her magic and snagged her an appointment with a top surgeon ASAP. Patient Stone rushes off, forgetting her ID & insurance card in the process, but is welcomed by an angel of a Physician’s Assistant (PA), Mary Zempolich, and Surgeon #2, John Moynihan. Patient Stone is told her masses are definitely atypical, and is scheduled for a Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) to get an initial diagnosis.

6/22 – Patient Stone, 5 days and several calls to his receptionists later, hears from Dr. Mayes that he did in fact receive the CT scans she got to him 1.5 hours after their Monday consult, and will contact again when a surgery slot is available. Patient Stone disgustedly never calls him back, nor hears anything further, much to her smug relief.

6/18 – Patient Stone meets with 1st of 3 scheduled surgeons (Dr. James Mayes) to consult about biopsies and mass removal. Dr. Mayes requires copies of CT results before proceeding, Patient Stone learns important lesson #1 –

Always bring a copy of EVERY report you have to EVERY appointment.

6/15 – Patient Stone has CT scan to determine possible existence of other masses through body and have better knowledge of current masses. In preparation for this, Patient Stone nearly throws up all of her mandated Mocha barium shake.

6/14 – Patient Stone wakes up entirely too early and pays an exorbitant parking fee to have blood taken for lab work before driving sleepily to Realtor class.

6/13 – Patient Stone has ultrasound ordered by Doliner, is told that she not only has 1 lump, but troublingly also has several in the axillary area between the breast and clavicle. Patient Stone immediately regrets that she did not push to have ultrasound earlier.

6/1 – Patient Stone quickly acquires & is seen by her first Primary Care Physician (PCP) since college. Doliner diagnoses lipoma likely, orders ultrasound to confirm mass size and composition.

5/28 – Patient Stone notices a sizeable lump in her R axilla (armpit) while sleepily stretching in the bathroom of a NYC apartment


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